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The Importance of Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry or Even General Dentistry Is Vitally Important If You’re Looking For Pain Free Dentistry & A Great Smile.

 At DDS we offer different dental procedures, ranging from

  • scaling and air polishing

  • gums treatment ( Scaling and Root Planning)

  • root canal treatment

  • veneers ( smile make overs),

  • crowns  and bridges

  • tooth bleaching with bright smile – USA, White Smile Germany and Pola Office+ Australia

  • surgical extractions

  • orthodontics ( fixed and removable braces) , Invisalign braces

  • removable prosthodontics ( removable portion and complete dentures, that is,  acrylic and chrome-cobalt dentures)

  • surgery ( simple and surgical extractions),

  • pedodontics (milk/baby tooth fillings), pulpotmies

Pain Free Implant Services:

DDS is open six days a week from mon – sat in two shifts from 10 am to 2opm and 5-9 pm evening shift.

4-H Commercial Phase 1, DHA Lahore - Pakistan

For any inquiries, please call 0423-5726330. 0423-5896571, 0423-5894869

or send an email to

With our new Cosmetic Section....We are going to change the way you SMILE

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